Letter to the editor - A happy heart is good medicine

A happy heart is good medicine Dear Editor, Proverbs 17:22 tells us, “A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.” Those words came as a reminder to me when my wife and I found ourselves in our van which became stuck in mud resulting from her husband's unfortunate choice of roads to travel. Actually, the 'road' was more of a trail through the woods in a desolate part of the county miles from nowhere. Mid-afternoon came with heavy clouds, intermittent rain and nightfall rapidly approaching. We had no cellphone signal and the thought of having to spend the night in our van gave us a most unpleasant feeling. At that moment in time, my broken spirit must have removed every bit of the remaining moisture from my bones. I decided then to leave the van and backtrack about a mile on foot to a higher elevation where I found my cellphone crackling back to life! Thankfully, a call to 911 found a very helpful lady (I failed to get her name) who sent Nathan Palmer to our aid. He assessed our situation and men from Shottsville Community Fire Department came to provide needed assistance. We were so relieved to see Chief Jeff Williams, assistant Chief Nick Belcher, Steve Nichols, Jacob Nichols, Ben Miller, Shannon McCarley and Grady Sims appear in that isolated environment to supply help that was desperately needed! These are volunteers who take time from their own families and responsibilities to minister to people who have serious and life-threatening problems requiring immediate help. For us, they brought ATVs, rescued my wife and me and carried us back to civilization with their vehicles. These men instantly became treasured friends of ours. Our thanks to them seem so shallow compared to the depth of what they did for us. From that point on, Nathan and Casey Palmer took excellent care of us and made sure we would be safe and have all our needs met. They showed us where to find food, located a rental car we could use and made many calls to discover lodging where we could spend the night. The next day, Watha's Inc. was able to extract our van from the mud and deliver it to where we met Nathan and Casey. Nathan made careful examination of everything under the van's hood, checking to see if all looked well enough for our drive back home. We expressed our thanks and appreciation to the wrecker service and to Nathan and Casey who personally did so much to help us during those two days of troubling experience. Through it all, we felt the Lord's supervision and guidance which took us far beyond what only our human capabilities could have supplied. He used many precious people to provide concern and help. On the road back home, my wife and I sensed the medicine of our much happier hearts and the healing from increased cheer in our minds! Also, our formerly dried bones had been rehydrated! Jerry Akridge Arab, Ala.

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