Blood feud in Marion County

By Scott Johnson General Manager Glen allen - Hard times and alcohol collided on April 26, 1928, in Glen Allen, located in the southeast corner of Marion County, leaving a son arrested for the murder of his father. In his new book, Blood Feud in Marion County, author William Robert (Bob) Baccus of Huntsville dives into the what he has called Marion County’s “most sensational murder” and works to reveal unspoken secrets involving the murder of his great-grandfather, Walter Franklin “Frank” Baccus, at the hands of his grandfather, Lonzo Baccus. Baccus says he never heard this story, witnessed by his own father and two aunts, until he was in his 40s. The facts, as they were told in 1928, were accepted at the time, Baccus explains. However, the secret between the two people bound them together until the very end. He says family members, reluctant to share what they knew, opened up only after the deaths of the three key players in the incident.


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