Price voices concern for those in need

WINFIELD - Following the agenda of a regular Winfield City Council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 4, a Winfield resident asked mayor Randy Price what could be done about supporting a specific individual in need in the city that had asked the resident for food.
Price stated that there was nothing that the city would be able to do financially and further took the time to voice his compassion for those in need and voice his frustration with the court system.
“We have people here that are down on their luck, they don’t have a job and they don’t have a (driver’s) license. They come to court after getting a ticket for no tag or (driver’s) license and they don’t have money to start with,” said Price.
“The way the law reads, we have to send them through the court process and send them to jail and the city pays $25 per day and they won’t have any money when they get out. They won’t have a job or (driver’s) license when they get out!”


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