The Opioid Crisis

When I moved from North Carolina to Alabama two years ago, I assumed I would find a local doctor and continue to take the medications I had taken for twenty plus years. Guess what? The Opioid Crisis had arrived before me in the small town of Hamilton, Alabama.

I learned quickly that the local physicians had no interest in handling opioid patients unless you wanted to replace your Percocet or other drug of choice with a new, very expensive medication that you would have to take for the rest of your life. These replacement meds would handle withdrawal symptoms. Also, by taking these replacement meds, you could not take any opioids or any pain medication. Personally, I did not want to replace one crutch with another.
My husband was almost as frustrated as I was. Having rheumatoid arthritis, I knew how fast my pain level would increase without my “drugs.” After days and nights of prayer, I made a decision. Finding I had a stronger constitution than I ever dreamed, God and I, with the support of my husband, battled my withdrawal. It wasn’t easy and there were days when the life-threatened info kept coming up. I do not recommend that anyone else try this on their own.

I am blessed and happy to say to you that I have been opioid free and free of any pain medication for over a year. The day my husband said he was very proud of me I shed a tear. If I can do this, I can do anything!

Grateful and blessed!
Judy Reed
794 Kemp Road
Hamilton, Alabama