No exceptions

During a Marion County Commission meeting, Dynamic Securities and the commissioners discussed security protocols and individuals who were authorized to bypass security when entering the Marion County Courthouse in Hamilton.
One of the topics discussed during the meeting was about the individuals who would be exempt from security checks and be able to bypass security.
All individuals are currently required to go through security checks with the exception of certain judges, officers, commissioners and other elected officials.
But this begs the question, why should anyone be able to bypass security?
Isn’t the point of these security measures to protect all those coming in and out of the courthouse? Why should anyone be exempt?
We have no doubt that those who were authorized to bypass security checks were carefully chosen and we don’t doubt that they are trustworthy individuals, but isn’t that always what’s so shocking when and if something goes wrong?
Whenever there is an attack or shooting in a workplace, you almost always hear the same sort of reactions, “I can’t believe ____ did this, I would never have thought he (or she) was capable of doing this.”
If we are to impose security checks at the entrance, no one should be exempt. It takes under two minutes at the most for these checks to be complete and they ensure everyone’s safety who visits the Marion County Courthouse or works in the building.
Hopefully, it won’t take a dramatic event to enact an across-the-board rule for security checks.
Every person should be screened, no matter who they are.  

- Louis Melinni, Staff Writer