Over 400 weapons confiscated at courthouse since April

HAMILTON -  Chris Hargrove, vice president at Muscle Shoals-based Dynamic Securities Inc., addressed the Marion County Commission with updates about security guards during a regular session meeting on Monday, May 20, in Hamilton.
During his address, Hargrove informed the commissioners that the two security guards assigned to the Marion County courthouse have confiscated over 452 weapons in the past two months.
According to Hargrove, since April 1 of this year, security  officers Brianna Cochran and Charlotte Fleming have found 379 knives, seven guns, 27 mace or pepper spray items, four tasers, nine sets of brass knuckles, and 14 military can openers.
“These numbers are alarming to me because, potentially, all it takes is one of these weapons to get into the hands of a prisoner,” said Hargrove.


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