RC&D making a difference

A little over two weeks ago, Hamilton Mayor Bob Page commended the Resource Conservation and Development council during the council’s meeting to discuss 2018’s projects.
Throughout last year, RC&D has funded projects ranging from buying computers and printers for schools and police departments to funding paving projects for school parking lots as they had at Brilliant High School in 2018.
Sometimes, it is so easy for us to be frustrated and disappointed with our local officials and government as a whole, that we overlook the times where a difference is actually being made.
Last year RC&D made a difference on what may seem like a small scale, but for those schools and police departments, as well as several other organizations affected by their work, their day-to-day lives have been improved. That makes a larger difference than we sometimes realize.
“This agency brings the government to its people, as it should do,” said Page during the council meeting.
Page also stated that RC&D represented the “grassroots” of government, and in that, we at the Journal Record would like to agree and commend  RC&D for the difference it has made in our communities in the last year.
The Brilliant High School parking lot is now safer to drive on, both the Guin and Brilliant police departments are now using faster and updated computer and printer equipment, children with disabilities can now use handicap accessible playground equipment at Phillips Elementary School and 4-H River Kids now have a place to store supplies and equipment.
These small projects that are completed with help from RC&D end up being a big deal to those involved in completing them.
It’s good to see projects come together and get completed to help our towns and cities. It’s how things should be done and for that, we are grateful.