Editorial: Compiling a list of countywide volunteer opportunities

With the “Season of Giving” fastly approaching, the Journal Record staff has been reminded of the joys available to those who give of their own resources and time to serve others. We would like to assist the Marion County community in getting involved and experiencing this joy.
To do this, we are seeking to gather a one-stop list of countywide volunteer opportunities—annual, monthly or seasonal—and begin including a “Volunteer Opportunities” section in our “For the Record” portion of our newspaper. This volunteering section will be featured in the “For the Record” every fourth Wednesday of the month.
The hope is that our readers will be able to stay up-to-date on the upcoming month’s service opportunities, plan accordingly and make the necessary accommodations to participate.
We would like to extend an invitation to the organizations and groups with volunteer needs to contact us with opportunities for those looking to give back to the community.
Those interested in providing information about a service opportunity should contact news editor Scott Johnson by calling 921-3104 or by email at scott@myjrpaper.com.
Submission requests for inclusion in this section should provide the date, time and, if recurring, the frequency of an event.  Any  requirements or training necessary for participation should also be provided, along with contact information for those interested in more information.


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