City considering LED lights

HAMILTON - The City of Hamilton is considering a measure to integrate LED street lights onto its streets.
The council has met with officials from Alabama Power over the last month to discuss the logistics and costs of switching over.
Municipal Account Manager with Lighting Services at Alabama Power Company Terrance Moultrie presented the council with a crossover plan for the city at a work session held on Wednesday, Sept. 26.
Moultrie said that LED street lighting in city limits will make for a brighter and safer appearance. The city would also save money on energy costs over the long-term and the LED lights would have a longer lifespan.
According to the official, the City of Hamilton currently has 661 street lights—all of which are not completely uniform.
Alabama Power is offering the municipality two options to integrate to LED with payment plans added to the city’s monthly bill, which averages $6,900.
The first plan would replace all street lights with LED lighting and would increase the city’s energy bill by about $702 per month.
The second option would only replace lower-grade and inefficient lamps with LED and cost the city about $400 more.

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