You can vote your own way

• Crossover voting laws not applicable Nov. 6

You can vote your own way. You can call it another election day. Marion County  voters are reminded that they have the liberty to vote for whomever they want to in the upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 6, general election.
According to Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s website, Democrat, Independent, Republican and write-in votes on any race for any individual are fair game in the general election.
“Voters are reminded that it does not matter how they voted during the primary or primary-runoff election,” Merrill clarified in a 2017 press release on crossover voting.
“In the general election, all registered voters in Alabama may vote for the candidate of their choice.”
In 2017, the Alabama Legislature passed a law prohibiting voters from voting for one party in a primary and then voting for a different party in the runoff.
State lawmakers have said this was done in an effort to produce a “pure” general election by preventing members of different parties from interfering in party races.