Morrow’s, Stutts’ funding nears $1M

HAMILTON - Candidate campaign funding reports from Secretary of State John Merrill’s website show campaign fundraising and spending were alive and well during the last leg of the 2018 election season, which will conclude on Tuesday, Nov. 6, with the general election.
Campaign contributions in the state Senate District 6 race between incumbent Larry Stutts, R-Tuscumbia, and Johnny Mack Morrow, D-Red Bay, are approaching $1 million.
Meanwhile, the stakes for the Marion County Probate Judge’s seat escalated with Republican candidate Paige Vick recording more than $22,500 in total contributions to her campaign.
Independent candidate Mike “Sac” Davis has spent $7,500 in his campaign for probate judge.
Morrow’s funding doubling Stutts’
The Alabama Senate District 6 race has recorded the highest stakes of any of the local races.
Morrow is working with $627,410 as of Oct. 23—$7,100 in-kind and $370,310 in cash donations. Morrow has also loaned his campaign $250,000 in personal funds.
Morrow’s state senate committee has paid out $488,732 in expenses—more than half of which were spent in the last two months of the campaign.
Stutts raised an additional $176,057 since the July runoff election.
Stutts has raised and spent more than $313,366—$22,039 in-kind, $289,760 in cash donations and $1,566 in unspecified contributions.
No personal contributions, or “loans,” to his campaign have been reported.
In the Marion County Commission District 2 race, Independent candidate Jimmy Mills is working with $2,775 in his campaign.
District 2 Republican candidate Kenneth Cochran has not reported any contributions or expenditures.
In the commission District 3 race, Independent candidate Barry McCarley has not reported any contributions or expenditures with the secretary of state’s office.
Republican candidate Dale Holt has been given $1,163 for his campaign and (as of July) has reported $663 in expenses.
Candidates invest in probate race
In the Marion County Probate Judge race, Independent candidate Mike “Sac” Davis has reported a total of $6,500 in cash campaign contributions. He has spent $7,490.
Republican probate judge candidate Paige Vick’s campaign has worked with $22,524—$7,142 in cash donations and $3,990 in-kind.
She has also loaned her campaign $9,000 in personal funds.
In the Marion County Coroner’s race, Democratic candidate Randy Jackson has reported a total of $936 of in-kind contributions.
Republican coroner candidate Glinda Cochran’s campaign has worked with a total of $7,990 in contributions.
This includes $1,888 in cash from herself, $500 from an unspecified contributor and $1,891 from Marion County Funeral Home in Hamilton.
She also reported $3,211 of in-kind contributions from herself and has spent $5,984 as of Oct. 23.


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