Marlon Holloway: My First Mello Yello


We all have memories of experiencing something for the first time. For many of us, it revolves around things like our first kiss of the one we love and share or shared life with. Then it is the first smile of our child. Could be something as simple as the first time we swam across the creek without help and realized we now can swim.
This is what this little story is about but is not anything as great as that first kiss, but it holds a special place with me just as I hope

it will bring back a few places and memories you, the reader, may have forgotten.
It was March of 1979 that Coca-Cola introduced its new so-der water, Mello Yello, to the world. This was their version of Mountain Dew, which Pepsi had made millions off of. (No, this was not the kind of Mountain Dew that was and still is produced in the hills, hollers and back porches here in Marion County.)

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