Roadwork to make driving safer in Guin

(From left) Buck Hubbert, Roger Sartain, David Gardner, Corey Robart and Allen Westbrook of ST Bunn Construction shovel excess asphalt into a bobcat during road construction in downtown Guin on Tuesday, July 31. Craig Elliott, Area Operations Engineer with the Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT), said the resurfacing project encompasses five miles of Highway 43/278 running north from downtown Guin. Aside from the resurfacing, ALDOT is altering the number of lanes along the section close to downtown. The original plan was for a three-lane section. “Now we’ve decided there is enough room out there that we’re going to make it a five-lane section through town,” Elliott said. The section of highway passing by the schools will incorporate the four lanes and a protected left-turn lane to cut down on rear-end collisions in that area of the highway Elliott said. The operations engineer said drivers can now get out of through-lane traffic to make left turns. “It should cut down on some rear-end collisions out there. The DOT is trying to get away from undivided four lanes, for that reason. We have had some wrecks out there, but not an inordinate amount.” The entire project should be completed by the middle of September, Elliott said.


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