2020 Election

Joe Biden is projected president-elect

Democrat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are being declared the winners of the Nov. 3 presidential election.
After four days of awaiting final vote tallies from Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, legacy media outlets broke news on Saturday morning, Nov. 7, that the Biden-Harris campaign were determined to have the needed 270 electoral votes needed for victory.

Record turnout at the polls

Marion County voters showed up to the polls in droves and they showed up to vote overwhelming red.
Unofficial results from the Nov. 3 election show turnout for the county was recorded at 62.92%, with 13,834 total ballots cast out of 21,988 registered voters. Though more voters participated in the election this year, nearly 500 more registered voters resulted in the turnout being lower than in 2016.
Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill’s office has posted results showing the turnout to be 61.9%, or 2.29 million ballots received out of 3.71 million registered voters.

Party chairs weigh in on election results

Local Democratic and Republican leadership believe the execution of Marion County’s election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, was a success.
Both candidates provided their opinions to the Journal Record prior to the majority of the media outlets projecting Joe Biden as president-elect on Saturday, Nov. 7.
Marion County Republican Chairman David Hall said he was very pleased with how the election was conducted locally, commending the work of Marion County Probate Judge Paige Vick, Absentee Ballot Election Manager Denise Mixon and Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams.