Northwest Medical Center

Henger steps down as NWMC CEO

WINFIELD - Northwest Medical Center-Winfield Chief Executive Officer Robert Henger has stepped down from the position after returning to the hospital in July 2019.
Former CEO Michael Windham has returned to the hospital to replace the resigning Henger.
According to Henger, Windham worked for the hospital as CEO for approximately four years before leaving due to conflicts with the hospital’s previous owner.

Family Care Clinic to close Jan. 31

WINFIELD – Northwest Medical Center has announced it will close the Northwest Family Care Clinic in Winfield effective Friday, Jan. 31.
The decision comes roughly a year-and-a-half after the City of Winfield took ownership of the local hospital through the Winfield Healthcare Authority, which purchased the hospital from Curae Health.
The after-hours clinic at 125 Henry Lane in Winfield opened in 2015 and  was built off of Interstate 22’s Exit 30. Med360 Health UrgentCare is located on the same exit, across Highway 129.