Part of county now under exceptional drought

The northwestern corner of Marion County is now listed under exceptional drought status. Image is courtesy of the National Weather Service.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
According to a drought information statement from the National Weather Service in Birmingham, Marion County is under an extreme drought.
A map shows that most of the county is under a D3 level extreme drought, but the northwestern-most corner of the county is under a level D4 exceptional drought.
The drought will have impacts on agriculture and stream flows, as well posing an enhanced risk for wildfires.
Governor Kay Ivey has issued a no burn order, and Marion County is currently under a drought warning.
The statement, released on Thursday, Nov. 16, says that rainfall over the next seven days was expected to be around 1 inch, which is typical for this time of year and would help prevent drought conditions from worsening. Cooler temperatures in the coming days could also help prevent the spread of drought conditions.

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