Old grocery store fire

Hamilton fire fighters open windows to help vent the smoke from the fire as it rises from the east end of the building

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
HAMILTON — Hamilton firefighters and police responded to a fire in the unoccupied building on Highway 278 / Bexar Avenue East across from the Hamilton Housing Authority on Wednesday, Nov. 8. The building was formerly known as Ray Grocery.
According to Hamilton Assistant Fire Chief Matt McCracken, “Ten firefighters and eight apparatuses responded to reported smoke coming from the building. On arrival, they found heavy smoke and fire coming from an old apartment that was under the old grocery store.
“The apartment was vacant and did not have power connected to it,” he continued. “The Alabama Fire Marshal’s office was called in to assist with the investigation, and it is currently under investigation.
“There were no reported injuries involved with this incident.”
McCracken said a warrant was served on a suspect, Jerry Gills, 71, who is currently being held in the Marion County Jail, as of press time Monday, for criminal trespass third degree, possession of marijuana second degree and promoting prison contraband second degree.


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