Hamilton removes 1st Avenue red light

An electronic sign displays “Do Not Enter” and “One Way” as striping is completed on the new one way street.

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HAMILTON — Hamilton residents may have noticed lots of work being done near the Marion County Courthouse. Crews were busy Monday morning taking down the street light right before Hamilton’s main intersection and installing a blinking yellow light in its place.
For 30 days, Hamilton will not be using the old traffic light located at 1st Avenue and Military Street South.
On Monday, Aug. 15, the Hamilton City Council made the decision to cover the lights and make 1st Avenue Southeast a one way road.
Back in May, Hamilton Mayor Bob Page and the Hamilton City Council voted to take down the stop light on 1st Avenue in order to alleviate traffic that builds up on Military Street’s main intersection near the Marion County Courthouse.

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