Hackleburg fight not enough against Lynn

Hackleburg’s Braiden Godwin lays it up.

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
LYNN — The Hackleburg Panthers lost their second matchup of the season against the Lynn Bears on Thursday, Dec. 1, in Lynn.
Hackleburg lost the game 54 to 47 in a game that now brings their season record to 0-2.
Hackleburg started the game well, scoring just one point more than Lynn in the first quarter. Lynn was able to pull away from the Panthers in the second quarter, scoring 20 points to Hackleburg’s 13.
The sides were just one point apart in the third quarter with Hackleburg scoring 10 points to Lynn’s 11.
Hackleburg fought hard to get the lead in the final quarter, scoring 13 points to Lynn’s 13, but it wasn’t enough to get them back in the game.

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