Vaccinate for The Children of Alabama

By Dr. Marsha Raulerson
Pediatrician in Brewton
Children First Board of Directors Vice Chairman

A month ago, we thought things were getting better.  We could take off our masks around vaccinated friends, we could go out to eat--we felt safer going to church and to the grocery store. Then the Delta variant hit and it’s a game-changer, especially for children. Because of low vaccination rates the virus was circulating widely in our community—then it mutated, and we have Delta Covid.
We are on the verge of having schools shut down again. Delta Covid is so much more contagious, and it seems to be hitting children much harder. Covid patients are filling up our hospitals again. Children and teachers are being sent home. Last week in the United States there were more than 121,000 new cases among kids.
The Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on all of us. We have felt powerless to deal with daily frustrations, including loss of work, inadequate childcare, putting off family vacations and for some, having adequate food. But for many, this pandemic has also meant seeing family members and friends get very sick and even dying.

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