Delta spread in similar fashion, but deaths seem to have slowed

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

After what seemed to be the fizzling out of the pandemic over the summer, COVID-19 case numbers began to climb in Marion County during the first week of July as the highly contagious Delta variant began to spread locally.
The 2020-2021 winter spike of the pandemic ran roughly from Oct. 15, 2020, to Feb. 20, 2021, and resulted in roughly 1,982 additional confirmed cases of COVID in four months. Prior to the spike, the county had about 755 confirmed cases of the virus and ended around 2,737 total cases.
The current Delta variant spike began the first week of July and is still tapering down on the other side of its bell curve.
On July 3, the county reported 3,286 cases of COVID. As of Sept. 22, that number now sits at 4,734 cases, pointing to roughly 1,448 cases that are attributable to Delta in two-and-a-half months.


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