Another town seeking to pop open alcohol sales

Bear Creek Police Chief Kenny Hallmark and Town Clerk Kay Wiginton are shown holding a copy of the wet/dry petition circulating through town for voters to sign. [NWA]

BEAR CREEK   -  Petitions are currently being signed in the town of Bear Creek by those supporting a referendum giving voters a choice about alcoholic beverages being sold or distributed in the town.
Code of Alabama Section 28-2A-1 states that any municipality with a population of 1,000 or more may change its classification from dry (no alcohol sales) to wet or wet to dry through a municipal election.
The population of Bear Creek is current 1,047, meaning the town meets the criteria to begin the process of possibly having a wet/dry election, according to Bear Creek Town Clerk Kay Wiginton.
The code states that the petition calling for a wet/dry referendum must contain the signatures of 30 percent of the number of registered voters who voted in the last general election of the municipality.  The last general election in Bear Creek was in November, 2020, when 296 registered voters cast ballots, Wig

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