Census results are revealing

Well folks, the final Census figures are in from last year’s 2020 nose count.  The census is taken every 10 years to determine the lines and boundaries of congressional and legislative districts. However, the census reveals a lot more information about us as a state and nation than just how many of us there are.  It paints a picture of who we are as people and what we look like.
The most recent census unveils an America much different than those of us who were born in the 1950’s and are referred to as the “Baby Boomer” generation.  We are one diverse country.  Indeed, we are a true melting pot.  The United States is now less than 60% white/Caucasian – 57% to be exact.  The black/African American population has basically remained the same at about 12% of the population.  The most remarkable figure is that 20% of our population identifies as Hispanic.  The Asian population has doubled over the 10 years from 3% to 6% percent. It is a new America.
What do these numbers portend and what is the story for Alabama?  First of all, we did an amazing job on our count.  The Census Bureau has remarked that Alabama was one of the five best states in America when it came to counting our people.  We actually came up with 103,000 more people than what was projected.  Gov. Kay Ivey’s efforts deserve some credit for this success.

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