Vaccinations ticking up in county

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

Vaccine rates in Marion County have begun to rise in the wake of increased fears of the highly contagious COVID-19 Delta variant.
Local vaccination rates dipped in June to below 40 inoculations a day as cases and deaths all but slowed to a near stop. Marion County held a COVID-19 death county of 106 for months and case positivity test rates were about 10 for multiple weeks.
Test positivity has returned to about 20%, with Marion County recording 60 positive tests out of 325 tests given and the county’s first additional death in months was recorded, bring the total to 107--73 recorded last year and 34 this year.
For the seven-day period ending Monday, Aug. 9, there were 126 additional cases of COVID-19. In contrast, there were 527 more vaccines administered for the county, bringing the total amount to 16,910.
For the past two weeks, there have been 653 vaccines provided since fears of Delta begin to loom.

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