Board will sell gas to Fayette

HAMILTON - Northwest Alabama Gas District (NWAGD) in Hamilton will begin selling natural gas to the Fayette Gas Board.
The Northwest Alabama Gas District Board voted unanimously during a meeting on Friday, May 1, to enter into a one-year contract to sell gas to the Fayette utility to supply enough gas flow for an expanding latex glove manufacturer, Showa Best Glove Inc.
NWAGD is managed by a board of directors representing its member municipalities--Guin, Hackleburg  Haleyville,   Hamilton, Sulligent and Winfield.  Member municipalities receive annual disbursements from the local gas district’s revenues.
NWAGD General Manager Heath Reed said he has met with the manager of the Fayette Gas Board and discussed how the company could save on gas purchases by buying gas from NWAGD.


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