Old grocery store fire

Hamilton fire fighters open windows to help vent the smoke from the fire as it rises from the east end of the building
HAMILTON — Hamilton firefighters and police responded to a fire in the unoccupied building on Highway 278 / Bexar Avenue East across from the Hamilton Housing Authority on Wednesday, Nov. 8. The building was formerly known as Ray Grocery.

Marion County police receive new helmets and shields

Marion County officials pose with new helmets and shields. From left are County Investigator Kevin Bryant, Assistant EMA Director Blake Farley, Sheriff Kevin Williams, Winfield Police Chief Brett Burleson, Brilliant Police Chief Eddie Bryant, Winfield Assistant Chief Gary Hamlett, Hackleburg Police Chief Kenny Hallmark, Guin Police Chief Daryl Spencer, Hamilton Police Lieutenant Scotty Chandler and Hamilton Police Chief Jordan Carter.
HAMILTON — The sheriff’s department and police departments throughout Marion County now have new protective equipment for every officer.

Marion County promotes domestic violence awareness

Members of the Marion County Department of Human Resources stand in front of the DHR building displaying their purple shirts on Purple Thursday. Front row from left are Lynn Knight, Jamie Carter, Charlotte Lindsey, Elisha Brewington, Kim Lolley and Darlene Palmer. Back row from left are Dwan Madden, Misty Miller, Suzanne Hester, Marilyn Cook, Melanie Norris, Holly Prescott and Amanda Arnett.

HAMILTON — Thursday, Oct. 19, has been noted as “Purple Thursday” throughout Marion County. To show support and awareness of domestic violence, many citizens and officials were wearing purple throughout the day. While Purple Thursday has been observed before, this year the Marion County Domestic Violence Task Force distributed over 2,000 stickers and have placed yard signs all over the county.

State Assesses health needs in Guin

Alabama Department of Public Health state health assessment coordinator Carlene Robinson (right) discusses important health issues with local residents and leaders on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at the Collins Life Center in Guin.
GUIN — The Alabama Department of Public Health hosted a meeting at the Collins Life Center in Guin to discuss issues relating to health and healthcare accessibility in rural communities on Tuesday, Oct. 17.

Hamilton thanks organizations helping during water crisis

Pictured are three trailers full of water cases delivered to Hamilton during the August water crisis.
HAMILTON — The City of Hamilton signed a resolution thanking three entities who delivered aid to the city during the water crisis which took place in August. Just two months ago, Hamilton faced a dangerous water situation when silt contaminated the Buttahatchee River due to a broken dam.

Dog Attack Spurs

A picture shared on Sunset Manor’s Facebook page on Tuesday, Oct. 17, is of the dog suspected of allegedly biting the six-year-old girl. The picture was taken prior to incident.
GUIN — Residents gathered at the Guin City Council’s regular meeting on Thursday, Oct. 19, to bring a recent dog attack, and the related issues, to the council’s attention.

State BOE makes major change to ACAP test

The Alabama State Board of Education has voted to lower the score needed to pass the reading portion of the ACAP test, which will majorly affect third graders moving on to fourth grade at the end of this school year.
This year, third graders taking the test must pass the reading portion of the ACAP test in order to move on to the fourth grade.
This comes after Alabama Literacy Act rules came into effect this school year.
Originally, students taking the reading portion of the test needed a score of 452 to pass that portion of the test.

Hamilton continues tackling stray problem

Hoof or Paw is a non-profit organization devoted to helping animals in the area.

HAMILTON — The City of Hamilton is making major considerations in increasing their support of the efforts being made to clean the streets of stray animals.
During a regular meeting held at city hall on Monday, Oct. 2, the city was scheduled to vote on paying Charlotte Williams with the Humane Society and Calen Weston with Hoof or Paw a sum of $1,200 per month, split equally between the two parties.
Before the vote was taken however, Mayor Bob Page allowed Weston to address the council, with the thought of tabling the vote for further consideration.