Guin water board faces operator difficulty

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
GUIN — The room grew tense during the Guin Water and Sewer Board’s regular meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 11 as the board discussed the need for grade IV certified operators for the water treatment plant.
The Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) certifies water treatment plant operators on four levels, or grades, indicating how many hours of study they have completed and if they can pass a test at each level.

Winfield approves pay raise and sells storm scraps

The remains of a fallen city Christmas tree decoration are beside roof debris left behind by the tornado that struck downtown Winfield on Wednesday, Dec. 29, 2021. The city accepted bids to purchase all of the debris by multiple individuals.

By Luke Brantley
Staff writer
WINFIELD — The Winfield City Council voted to move forward with plans to give a one-time pay raise to all full-time and part-time city employees using American Rescue Plan funds during its regular meeting on Thursday, Jan. 20.
The raise had been a subject of discussion for several weeks after mayor Randy Price asked the council to make sure they were keeping track of the numerous projects the city was undertaking which were eligible for the same funds.

Robberies lead to four arrests after chase

Montavious Dean

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
GUIN — Four suspects have been apprehended following a string of early morning robberies in Guin and Fulton, Miss.
Mya Chrishelle Gaines, 19; Montavious Dewayne Dean, 20; Malik Rushard Wilson, 20; and a juvenile offender aged 16, all from Memphis, Tenn., were arrested and charged with receiving stolen property, first degree, and attempting to elude.
All suspects, except for the juvenile, are being held in the Marion County Jail in Hamilton.

Wish hunt completes its 11th year

Jackie McDonald, Tommy Colburn, Kaleb Cayson, Scotty Harbor, Taylor Click, Chandler Cayson, Ashland Childers, Hunter Carter, Bree Carter, Heath Atkins, Jordan Humphries, Bobby Childers and Justin Click. From Left to Right

By Louis Mellini
Staff writer
HAMILTON - Pine Hills and Oak Hollars Child Classic Wish Hunt took place for its 11th year at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton on Jan 6-8.
Hamilton natives Kaleb Cayson, 14, and his brother Chandler Cayson, 8, were joined by Guntersville native Taylor Click, 11, for a weekend of hunting and fellowship organized by Jeff Carter and several local volunteers and sponsors who host the event every year in Hamilton.
 The wish hunt is offered annually to children who have illness and to those living in the local community as well.

Hackleburg water tower restoration begins

Omaha, Nebraska-based painting crew Viking Painting begins work on restoring Hackleburg’s water towers.

By Louis Mellini Staff writer

Hackleburg began its water tower restoration project on Thursday, Jan. 13, starting with the water tower located right behind the Hackleburg Market grocery store.

Crews began work early in the morning washing and painting the water tower and will continue to restore Hackleburg's water towers.

At the end of last year, Hackleburg, using their $300,000 American Rescue Act funds, began the project after failing inspections on two out of three of their water towers in the previous year.

Board removes mayor as superintendent

The Guin Water Works and Sewer Board removes Mayor Phil Segraves as superintendent. Shown above are the treatment plant and the business office.

By Luke Brantley Staff Writer

GUIN — The Guin Water Works and Sewer Board has removed Mayor Phil Segraves as superintendent of the water board, after the mayor’s position was hired as superintendent in 1957. The board also had to address the fact that the pay for the superintendent position has been part of the mayor’s salary ever since.

During a water and sewer board meeting on Sept. 28, 2021, then-board member Trent Junkin made a motion to remove mayor Phil Segraves from the board as a representative for the city council.

Monoclonal antibody treatment being covered

Birmingham – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama continues to support the health, safety, and well-being of our members and has taken comprehensive steps to ensure they have access to the healthcare they need during the pandemic.
This includes providing coverage for the latest therapies, including the FDA-authorized COVID-19 monoclonal antibody treatment.

Our Funny Bone

They tell me we all have a funny bone.  I don’t know about other people my age but my bones tend to ache more than they tend to be ( humerus) humorous.  
Statistics tell us the human body contains at least 206 of these valuable items in a variety of sizes.  I haven’t done the counting myself so we’ll just accept the computer’s estimate as being accurate.

Post-pandemic movie-going

I went to the movies for the first time in a while a couple of weeks ago to see Shang Chi.
The movie was good--I love Kung Fu movies--but this won’t really be about the movie itself.
This will be more about the post-pandemic movie-going experience.
Look, I get it, we have all been cooped up in our houses avoiding social interactions--I understand that.
But, we all have to realize when we go to theaters or anywhere, for that matter, that there are OTHER PEOPLE THERE WITH YOU.

Winfield City Schools receives high marks

Staff Writer

WINFIELD - Winfield City Schools has placed 16th on a list of the top 22 schools in the State of Alabama on ranking website Niche
The rankings are based on reviews submitted by students and parents along with data from the U.S. Department of Education, including test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, teacher quality, and public school district ratings.

Council approves emergency repairs

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

WINFIELD — The Winfield City Council voted to approve the use of CARES Act funds to repair a broken sewer during its meeting on Tuesday night, Oct. 5.
The funds will be used to repair a broken sewer line that leads to the Winfield Community Center in Ivan K. Hill Recreational Park.

The broken line has been causing backups inside the building, leaving behind standing water.
The council had discussed the matter at previous meetings and began looking into the problem, but had never approved specific action to be taken.