Panthers tamed in fourth-quarter loss

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COURTLAND - Hackleburg and RA Hubbard held scoreless until the dying minutes of the fourth quarter during the Panthers’ second away game of the season in Courtland on Friday, Sept. 10.
Very little happened in the first three quarters with both teams unable to break the deadlock and score a touchdown.
Even in the final quarter of the game, the two teams remained at a stalemate until, with five minutes left on the clock, RA Hubbard scored a 32-yard touchdown run and scored two from the extra point attempt.

Bears Down the Cougars

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

WATERLOO - The Phillips Bears earned their first win of the season on Friday, Sept. 10, on the road against the Waterloo Cougars 12-0.
Both teams entered the night without wins on the season.
“It's a big region win that helps our goal of getting to the playoffs,” said Phillips head football coach Adam Lawler. “We had better team pursuit on defense. Everybody just needs to play team football, and do their job.”

Majority of area teams anticipated to win this week

My predictions from last week were mediocre. I was 3-3, accurately calling the Brilliant, Hamilton and Winfield games. Congratulations to the Phillips Bears for upsetting my prediction of a loss to Waterloo, and my utmost regards to the Brilliant Tigers for pulling off the win against Lynn in overtime. Maybe I’ll do better this week:

Lady Raiders clinch 4th NAC Title in a row

The Marion County Red Raiders Volleyball team are shown (front row, from left) Charity Crowe, Anna Kate Shirley, Bretta Taylor, Olivia Webb, Cady Seaman, Sam Calloway, (back row, same order) assistant coach Cally Chaffin, Anna Rhea White, Serinity Metcalfe, Porshia Lipsey, Erin Culp, Lydia Gosa, Sarah Webb, Mackenzie Stephens, head coach Savannah Smith Fox. v [Scott Johnson / Staff]

By Scott Johnson
General Manager

The State of Affairs

My husband and I left a democratic run state 25 years ago. We relocated here in Alabama, where my family originally is from. We knew this state believed and was run “by the people and for the people’s” freedoms.
Those freedoms now are under siege right now by a tyrannical, bordering on communism, illegitimate regime. It's time for U.S. citizens to save our great country.

Census results are revealing

Well folks, the final Census figures are in from last year’s 2020 nose count.  The census is taken every 10 years to determine the lines and boundaries of congressional and legislative districts. However, the census reveals a lot more information about us as a state and nation than just how many of us there are.  It paints a picture of who we are as people and what we look like.

Positive Winfield budget encouraging

The Winfield City Council voted to adopt a new budget during its meeting on Sept. 7.
According to Winfield Mayor Randy Price, this budget marks the first time in a long time that the city will have a significant surplus in the budget.
Price said that in the past, the city has often found itself scrambling to move funds around to make sure all of the bills get paid.

Are we living in alternate realities?

College football games launched in full force earlier this month with stadiums packed full of spectors and screaming fans. High school football games and volleyball games have been taking place without restriction for a month. And from the looks of it, Hamilton will have its Buttahatchee River Fall Fest. But Mule Day has been canceled. Do we have a shared sense of reality anymore?

Save the Hamilton prison

We cannot afford to lose jobs in Marion County. That may sound like a rather obvious statement that could apply to any city or county on the planet, but it’s one that we at the Journal Record feel needs to be said after the news that Gov. Kay Ivey plans to close Hamilton’s Aged and Infirmed facility within the next few years.
Ivey’s plan to reform prisons in Alabama involves the closing of four prisons in the state, including our own in Hamilton.

Watkins: ‘I’ve been waiting on a budget like this’

By Luke Brantley
Staff Writer

WINFIELD — The Winfield City Council voted to accept the proposed 2021-2022 budget during its meeting on Sept. 7, 2021. The new budget will allow the city to pay off several debts faster, pay for more paving projects and still stick some money back in savings.
“This is the eighth year I’ve prepared a budget,” said Mike Watkins, the city administrator, who created the budget and presented it to the council. “I’ve been waiting on a budget like this.”

Four in custody after foot chase


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A high-speed chase ended with four men from Memphis, Tenn., being apprehended in a wooded area near Interstate 22’s Exit 22.
According to Marion County Sheriff Kevin Williams, Aubrey Smith Jr., 20; Tyrez LeRick Sheton, 21; Detarius Harris, 18; and Deven D. Rolfe, 21, were all arrested and charged individually with attempting to elude, reckless endangerment and possession of marijuana.

Fall Fest moving forward

The Hamilton Area Chamber of Commerce met on Thursday, Sept. 9, to discuss plans for the upcoming Buttahatchee River Fall Fest. Shown are chamber members John Boyett (left) and chamber president Dana Scott. [Scott Johnson/Staff]

By Scott Johnson
General Manager